Knightmare levels are the hardest type of Levels in Wind-up Knight. There are four Knightmare levels in the game, one Knightmare level for each Book. It is always the 13th level, and the hardest level in each book. It is so hard to get to that you will need to get A or S ranks on all levels in its book!

The first level involves rolling under spikes and jumping. The card is where there is a small nook that you roll into, and then get the card.

The second Knightmare is about rapid jumping, and the card is near a pit, where the player has to Wall jump repeatedly.

The third Knightmare is full of spikes. If the player accidentally wall jumps, they are dead. The card is at a point where the player can roll back because of spikes only on the upper portion of the wall.

The fourth Knightmare is a NIGHTMARE!!