Enemies are an obstacle you'll find on the way, you can kill them with your sword, every single enemy dies from just one hit. Perhaps using the sword to defeat them, you can jump them, which is not the best option, however, there are four enemies, in book 1 you'll only have one, but in number 2, you'll have two...

The enemies are:


The very first enemy of the game, which appear first on level 2, book 1. They are slow attackers, so it´s easy to defeat them. One fact about this enemy is that, while you avance in books, they pass from being red to blue. They have a specific sound.


Appear in the first level of book 2 (science view), and as all enemies, they die from one hit. Just as hens, they have their specific sound, which is more remarkable when they die.


The third enemy, which oviously, appears in the third book, this enemy is the biggest one in the whole game, and, is the first one to appear with a weapon (in this case, a hammer) so you´ll have to be faster at using your sword. Attack them before they attack you!


Is the strongest and last enemy you´ll face, they have a silver armor with red, and like ogres they have their own weapon, which is a lance, they also have a big shield, but don´t worry, they never use it!